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Which picture do you want in your scrapbook?








Or This?






The original photo was edited using Google's FREE Picasa Software.  


It took 6 Picasa editing steps to produce the final picture.  The results of


each step are shown in the pictures below.  Picasa makes rapid work of


photo editing.




Here are the six edits in the order that they were made.  You will notice


that some of the edits will improve one area while at the same time


require some touch-up of a previously made edit.  This is normal


and as been with us since the inception of photography.  Photographic


editing is an iterative process.  Enjoy the edits.






Remember This Is The Original Unedited Picture





This picture was taken through the front window of a tour bus on the


island of St. Kitt.  The first edit we made was to Crop the image to


eliminate internal portions of the bus on the left side of the photo. 


It is always a good idea to do all the cropping as the first editing


correction.  That way you won't be distracted by the "throw-away"


areas while you are doing the rest of your editing.  The picture below


these comments shows the results of the cropping that we did.







Next, we adjusted the highlights because it increased the contrast.  It


also shed a little light on the areas that are very dark. The results of


this edit are shown in picture below these comments.





In order to get even more contrast we adjusted the shadows


(or dark part) in the picture.  This worked very well, but in doing this


we lost some of the detail in the dark areas.  The results of this edit


are shown in the photo below these comments.






We now have a crisp image but need to do something to brighten the


dark areas.  Our next edit will be to add some fill lighting.  Fill lighting


doesn't lighten the lighter areas as much as it lightens the darker


areas of the image. The effects of this edit are shown in the photo


below these comments.





That looks pretty good but this is the Caribbean and the colors are


more vibrant than what is in this image.  Our next edit will be to


increase the color saturation.  This will make everything more vibrant. 


The results of this edit are shown in the photo below these comments.





OK, we have a pretty good picture.  We decide to increase the


highlights just a little more so that we lighten the sky and the


shadows.  The results of this final edit are shown in the photo


below these comments.






And that is our edit ! ! ! 



The Rodgers Senior Center regularly offers a PICASA workshop to


Huntington Beach Seniors.  The workshop is held in two sessions


each lasting three hours.  In the workshop learn how to Organize,


Edit, and Share your photos using PICASA.




 So stop by the Front Desk at the Senior Center and sign-up for this


really fun class that will reward you with all the beauty that is hidden


in your pictures.  



Did I mention that Google's Picasa Software is FREE




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